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Beyerdynamic M 88 TG Microphone | Reverb

คะแนน 5.0 (6) · US$270.00 ถึง US$359.99 · มีในสต็อกBeyerdynamic M88TG M88 TG Hyper-Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Mic w/ Clamp I use these on snare, kick, bass cabs, guitar cabs and even on toms to get

Beyer M88s on toms - R|E|P forums

and what's the difference between an M88 & an M69? I remember being taught to use M69's on toms & M88 on bass drum. Logged. sleep is The 2008 dynamic mic tom shoooutLDC on toms, I'm spoiled-HELPtoms microphonesผลการค้นหาเพิ่มเติมจาก

Beyerdynamic M88 TG or Sennheiser MD 421 II??? - Gearslutz

I know EVERYONE uses the 421 for toms but I'm maybe a little bit more concerned about guitar and have heard great things about the M88 on Tom microphone choicesBeyer M88 N vs Beyer M88 TGFirst time using an M88 WOW!Beyerdynamic M88 TG - User reviewผลการค้นหาเพิ่มเติมจาก

Floor Tom Microphone Comparison - YouTube

4 เม.ย. 2560 · Comparison of commonly used Tom microphones: Shure SM57 - Beyerdynamic M88 ระยะเวลา: 1:45 โพสต์แล้ว: 4 เม.ย. 2560

Drum Miking & EQ

EQ: Rack Tom Body @ 240Hz, Floor Tom Body @ 80Hz-120Hz, attack D4, Beyerdynamic M-201, Beyerdynamic M88, EV ND468, Shure SM57/Beta 57.