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M88 is classified as an Sbc spiral, which is between the Sb and Sc categories of medium-wound The last supernova recorded in this galaxy was back in 1999.

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According to NED, the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database, M88's classification is SA(rs)b. The S means that it is indeed a spiral galaxy, the A means that it has

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15 ส.ค. 2558 · M88 is also classified as a type II Seyfert galaxy because it exhibits narrow spectral line emissions from highly ionized gas in its core.

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NGC 4395 is a low-surface-brightness galaxy (LSBG) at a distance of only 14 million regions, which due to suspected separation were classified as NGC 4399, NGC 4400, and NGC 4401. M 88 M88 (NGC 4501) is an SA(rs)b galaxy which.

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m88 galaxy classification An E0 galaxy has an ellipticity of 0, and an E7 galaxy has an ellipticity of 0. 7, so to determine the Hubble classification, you multiply the​

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Tabic 3. The Messier Obfecs classified cuxzrdmn 37 rvtre ELLIPTICAL GALAXIES SPIRAL GALAXIES (SO> spiral galaxies i Normal) SPIRAL GALAXIES tBaned)